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Données 2018

Enfant avec un chapeau de Père-Noël

Discover Camille’s story

4 years old, with neurodegenerative disease

“From birth, Camille was in perfect health until worrying symptoms appeared at about 18 months of age. His illness progressed rapidly and caused him to lose what he had acquired. It doesn’t work anymore. It’s hard for a mother to accept… But Camille is a cheerful little girl! This is what helps me to be strong and enjoy every moment with her.

Nevertheless, my husband and I are optimistic, because our daughter receives excellent care that softens our daily lives. Medicine is constantly evolving and the donations offered to the Foundation create hope that Camille can live as long as possible. » – Jacynthe, Camille’s mother

Camille et sa maman

The mission of the Fondation du CHU de Québec is to provide the care teams at the Centre mère-enfant Soleil (CMES) with ultra-specialized equipment adapted to young patients and to contribute to the excellence of the care provided to them.

Giving to the Foundation for the CMES means helping doctors, researchers and health care teams so that they can make a difference to those newborns, young children and adolescents who are beginning their lives with critical conditions or chronic diseases, and in turn realize their dreams for the future.

It is also a concrete way to help these young people, like Jacynthe Duval, 8, who have lupus, who start their lives with a critical, sometimes potentially fatal condition, so that they can realize their dreams.

Dépliant de don
Projets en cours de financement

Loïc Fortin, 6 years old.  With severe heart problems.

Funding of a new research protocol to introduce a new treatment in pediatric neuro-oncology

Service: Pediatric Neurology-Oncology
Cost : 300 000$

This research project by Dr. Valérie Larouche will allow people 25 years of age and under to access new oral treatment for the most common brain tumour in children, brain glioma, and for plexiform neurofibroma (a specific tumour in patients with type 1 neurofibromatosis). This promising treatment offers hope for many families.


Acquisition of a transport incubator for neonatology

Service : Neonatology
Cost : 210 000$

This sophisticated incubator will ensure the safety of the newborn during transport to the Mother and Child Sun Centre where he or she can receive ultra-specialized health care. It is equipped with an integrated cardiorespiratory monitor and a transport stretcher. When every second counts, equipment like this can make all the difference!

Development of an ENT room for paediatrics

Département : ENT
Cost : 175 000$

The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) outpatient unit at the CHUL treats most children (67% of its clientele). The fact that it is currently located outside the CMES and that the need to be close to paediatric services is very real, the installation of a treatment room specially designed for young patients is necessary. This will allow the health care team to access state-of-the-art equipment, improve the accuracy and efficiency of interventions and increase the number of children treated, among other things.

Weekly visits by Dr Clown to the CMES

Département : Pediatrics
Cost : 40 000$/year for 5 years

Twice a week, Dr. Clowns visit the little patients at CMES and bring joy to their daily lives. The effects of their presence go beyond simple entertainment, they have a real therapeutic impact and help caregivers in their work with the child. The Fondation du CHU de Québec is proud to be associated with such a humane project, full of lightness and hope for children facing the disease!

Humanizing pediatric palliative care

Service : Pediatric palliative care
Coûts : Continuous fundraising

Pediatric palliative care is comprehensive care for children at the end of their lives, encompassing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions. They are intended to help maintain the best possible quality of life for the child, in addition to providing support to the child’s family. Bereavement follow-up is also part of this, regardless of the cause of death, which includes trauma and loss during the perinatal period. Donations allow us to offer profoundly human and gentle services, such as massage therapy, art therapy and hand or foot sculpture workshops, professional photography and a memorial ceremony.

Support clinical research in pediatric oncology

Service : Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Coût : Continuous fundraising

In recent years, the CMES has seen an increase in the number of visitors in pediatric oncology. For example, one-third of the province’s pediatric cancers are diagnosed there! The care protocols offered are of a very high standard and increase the chances of recovery for pediatric patients. It is essential to support clinical research in the fight against pediatric cancers, in order to maintain the clinical trials carried out by the renowned team at the CHU de Québec-Université Laval, which meets the rigorous criteria of the Children’s Oncology Group and of which more than 9,000 experts in this field are associated throughout the world.