Vibrate with the Foundation

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By vibrating with the Fondation du CHU de Québec, we feel better.

Whether or not you have a donation policy in your company, the Fondation du CHU de Québec offers various ways to contribute corporately to the health of local people while making this partnership a source of employee mobilization. Source deductions for employees, percentage of sales on a product, $2 per invoice sent to customers/suppliers, etc. You will contribute to improving health care in your own way, in a significant way.

What makes you vibrate?

Create a Fund in the company’s name (on your behalf or otherwise)


Support a mobilizing project or cause related to a health care team

At the same pitch?

By becoming a commercial partner of the Fondation du CHU de Québec; 

1) You will have a donation policy tailored to your company.  This way, you will have a structured donation program that will eliminate the need to process the multiple requests that come in from both sides.

2. you may associate your company with one or more causes related to personal interests (managers) and/or common to those of your employees

3. you can make your corporate donation an element of mobilization for your employees you can integrate your donation policy into your marketing plan (recognition versus visibility)

4. you will choose WHAT and then HOW

5. you will get the “partner kit” to display yourself // according to certain criteria

You will be supported by the Foundation in your fundraising activities // according to certain criteria

7. You will be able to reach the 16,000 employees of the CHU de Québec // according to certain criteria

The strings that are available to you?

1. Withholding tax deduction for employees

2. Percentage of sales on a product

3. $2 addition per invoice sent to customers/suppliers

4. Organizing fundraising events

5. Corporate donation equivalent to employee donations

6. Participate in/integrate into the Foundation’s activities in various forms (sports challenges, cocktails, etc.)

+ other options related to your marketing plan